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For over forty years, Dressage at Devon has been a stage for world-class dressage competition and served as the home to the world’s largest open breed show.

The show has strived to inspire and educate riders of all ages to ride towards their dreams of one day riding Grand Prix in the Dixon Oval and beyond!

To continue the show’s efforts to serve as a mecca for national and international dressage enthusiasts, we are asking you for help to continue the tradition of a week of exceptional caliber dressage.

As a non-profit, we operate on a very strict budget. Given several hardships the show has weathered in the past decade, we are now in a position we must ask you and our community for help. All donations will not only help this beloved show continue but also provide you a tax deduction, as we operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Please help us continue this show as a showcase for exquisite sport horses of every breed and the joy of the celebrating these equine and equestrian superstars in a magical setting like no other since 1975!

Ways to support Dressage at Devon’s Passage into the Future Campaign:

1. Click the ‘Donate’ button below and make your donation to Dressage at Devon using a Credit Card or your PayPal Account!

2. Send your donation via check to Dressage at Devon, P.O. Box 898 Devon, PA 19333. Please include “‘donation” on the memo line in order to receive a donation receipt.

donate now 

Thank You for supporting Dressage at Devon and helping the show

Passage into the Future!