2018 News

Great Performances Continue Dressage at Devon – Day 4

The USEF and FEI Young Horse tests opened Day 4 of Dressage at Devon. The judges were positive and encouraging, gently providing constructive comments to help horse and rider improve both horse and rider. Of course, iIt wouldn’t be Dressage at Devon without Ladies Hat Day. This year’s categories included Creativity and uniqueness; Visual appeal and impact; Degree of difficulty; and the Best at Dressage at Devon. All were winners. And all the while, high level performances were taking place in both the Dixon and Wheeler (formerly Gold) rings.

FEI Prix St Georges CDI 3*

More than 25 riders competed in the FEI Prix St Georges CDI 3*. The class was won by Cyrus (Contucci/Corthena), ridden by Tom Dvorak. Cyrus is a 9-year-old, dark bay Oldenburg gelding, owned by Carla Bahr. Tom, from Hillsburgh, ON, Canada, has been riding Cyrus since he was a 4-year-old. “This was his first full season and he has done very well. He has won many CDIs and is coming into his own. He is a keen worker and very smart and confident. I was happy with my ride,” said Tom. “He was a little distracted but stayed with me.” Tom is a true fan of Dressage at Devon. “I love this event. It is the highlight of the season for me. I love the atmosphere and the tradition of the show.” Tom has ben coming to Devon for the past 25 years. “If I have a horse that can show here, I’m here!”

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Conclusion of the Largest Open Breed Show in the World; Start of the Dressage at Devon Performance Day 3 – Dressage at Devon

Day 3 at Dressage at Devon (www.dressageatdevon.org) had something for everyone. Breed and performance competitors were at their best, under mostly clear skies.

The Breed Show Concludes

Thursday started off with sunshine and the breed show. All the horses were special but two stood out. Summersby II (Sezuan), bred by Nicole Wanning and owned by Grand Prix rider, Alice Tarjan. This striking mare is a 17.3, 3-year-old Oldenburg mare. She won the Filly Championship, took home the blue in the 3-year- old Dressage at Devon Prospect Champion, won the Dressage at Devon Grand Championship and the USDF DSHB Mare Final with a score of 80.925.

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More Future Dressage Stars at Dressage at Devon Day 2 – Dressage at Devon

Day 2 of Dressage at Devon featured horses from foals four and five-year-olds in the Materiale classes as well as qualifying classes for the Coast Finals. From misbehaving babies to more mature horses who have done this before, it was a great day.

Evaluating Dressage Potential in Foals

Spectators watch foals walk into the arena and just stare in awe at how tiny and cute they are. However, judges have a very different perspective. They look much more closely, evaluating the foals in three areas: the walk, trot, and confirmation. Judge Janet Foy took the time to break down exactly what judges look at when evaluating these foals.

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Rain or Shine: The Show at Dressage at Devon Goes On The Largest Open Breed Show Begins at Dressage at Devon

The largest open breed show in the world is taking place at Dressage at Devon from September 25 – September 27. Today, the opening of the breed show featured more than 20 breeds of horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes were in the ring competing for the best of their breed. They are judged on movement, conformation and general impression.

Many of the breeds were rare, even endangered, and all have a rich history. For instance, the Shagya Arabian, a relatively rare breed, brings the history of a Desert Arabian; great hardiness and toughness, endurance, ease of keeping and inborn friendliness and combines it with the requirements of the modern riding horse,” said Adrienne Morella, whose horse, Samantha, took home the blue in the class.

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Longest Continually Running Cavalry Units in the United States and Canada Together for the First Time at Dressage at Devon

Dressage at Devon is very proud to host the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry, the oldest continually running cavalry unit in the the US and the Governor General's Horse Guard (GGHG) Cavalry Squadron, the oldest running cavalry troop in Canada – riding tog for the first time!

The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry is a purely volunteer cavalry troop, the first organized in defense of the colonies. Today the Troop is certainly the oldest mounted military unit and quite possibly the oldest military unit of any kind that has been in continuous service to the Republic. The times that called it into being, and the character of the original members who fought through the seven years of the American Revolution, together forged concepts of service and a body of tradition that have given it a continuity of purpose since 1774. The First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry is a private military organization in the service of the United States. Because unique demands and opportunities are imposed upon its members, they become a closely knit fraternity. Membership is by election.

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Find Your Next Champion at the Dressage at Devon Breed Show

Dressage at Devon (DAD) (www.dressageatdevon.org) hosts the largest open breed show in the world, with top breeders bringing their colts, fillies, stallions and mares to compete.

"This year’s scheduling changes to the breed show will not only benefit our competitors, it will allow equestrians in all disciplines, as well as performance competitors, to view future champions in the Dixon Oval," said Melanie Sloyer, Chair of the Breed Division at Dressage at Devon.

"The breeders at Dressage at Devon have been breeding top quality horses for years, if not decades," added Sloyer. "Many go on to top dressage levels. But many others find their niche in hunters, jumpers and all other equestrian disciplines."

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Dressage at Devon Hosts Adult Amateur Seminar with Lisa Schmidt

Dressage at Devon (DAD) (www.dressageatdevon.org) announced that Lisa Schmidt, founder of Adult Amateur Dressage Access) (AADA) (www.aadressageaccess.com), will present at DAD on Saturday, September 29, in the picnic area near the Pub. She will provide insights and tips targeted to the Adult Amateur in addition to a Q&A that will answer all those nagging questions.

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Dressage Explorers: Sunday is For Kids at Dressage at Devon

It’s often called "horse ballet," with horse and rider working in partnership to execute complicated movements that take years to perfect. But while kids are welcome at dressage shows, it’s rare that there are activities geared toward the education and entertainment of the next generation.

But Dressage at Devon, one of the world’s premier dressage shows, is making it more fun for kids.

In 2016, the team at Dressage at Devon (www.dressageatdevon.org) decided that it was time to create a great experience for children, to allow them to view world-class horses and their riders, learn something about these magnificent animals, and have fun. Dressage Explorers was born.

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Dressage at Devon Announces Individual Breed Class Line-up

Dressage at Devon is the host of the largest open breed show in the world. This year, the Individual Breed classes (IBC) have been moved to the first day of the show, Tuesday September 25 instead of Thursday. This change will allow for a more relaxed time schedule and also will give the IBC horses a chance to warm-up in a less congested area.

Want to see your favorite breed in the Parade of Breeds? There's still time! Contact Melanie Sloyer, Chairman of the Breed Show for more details. Entries close September 10. To enter, visit https://www.dressageatdevon.org/pdf/DADEntryForm.pdf

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