2015 News

Ladies Sweep the 2015 FEI Grand Prix Freestyle

With the sun actually peeking out from behind the clouds, the rescheduled FEI Grand Prix Freestyle took place Sunday morning. It was ladies day with female riders claiming the top three places. My Lady, a bay Danish Warmblood owned by Janne Rumbough, danced into first place under the guidance of her rider, Mikala Gundersen. My Lady, who also won last night’s Grand Prix Freestyle Qualifier, demonstrated even more of her scope in the freestyle performance. The mare’s elasticity enabled Gundersen to have fun with the music, showing off, for example, spontaneous transitions and big, expressive tempis. The judges rewarded the well-executed and inspired ride with a score of 77.875%.

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Nothing Dampens the Spirit at Dressage at Devon Dressage at Devon 2015: Day 5

For the first time in its 40 year history, a deluge of rain and the concern for the safety of the riders made it necessary to postpone the FEI Grand Prix B, the qualifier for the Grand Prix Freestyle, until today. As a result, the Grand Prix Freestyle was moved to Sunday. So, Saturday’s schedule looked a little different than in the past 40 years. But it was a truly exciting day with great performances.

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Breed Classes and the Start of Performance: Dressage at Devon 2015

The Iberian horses started off the Individual Breed Class on Day 3 of Dressage at Devon. They were followed by Oldenburgs, Danish Warmbloods, Appaloosas and more, totaling more than 20 breeds in the Dixon Oval. Each breed is different, with different characteristics, personalities, movements and more. And each breed has devoted followers many of whom just can’t understand why others don’t see that their breed is the best!

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Dressage at Devon: the 2015 Show Gets Off to a Great Start

You might have noticed that each entry in the breed division took just a little long than it has in the past. It’s not your imagination. The additional time (about a minute per entry) is the result of new scoring methods. The conformation score is now broken down into four scores, from just one total score. “The conformation score is 30% of the total score. A horse can, for instance, receive a full score for an excellent topline even if a head and neck score is not perfect. This allows for more accuracy,” said Melanie Sloyer, Breed Show Chair.

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Dressage at Devon Announces 2015 Beneficiaries

Dressage at Devon (www.dressageatdevon.org), today announced the selection of four charitable organizations as its 2015 beneficiaries. The mission of Dressage at Devon, a world-­‐class dressage competition and the world’s largest open breed show, includes the furtherance of dressage education. Mike Riley, Chair of Dressage at Devon’s Board of Directors, said that the Directors unanimously chose the following beneficiaries:

Delaware Valley Combined Training Association (DVCTA)
The Dressage Foundation
Sebastian Riding Associate
Work to Ride

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Equestrian Artist Creates 40th Anniversary Dressage at Devon 2015 Poster Artwork

Dressage at Devon has selected artist, Frederique Poulain, to create artwork for the 2015 show poster. Specializing in hand-painted equestrian ceramic art, Poulain began her love for horses at a young age – her first drawings were of horses at age four or five.

Poulain’s concept for the 40th anniversary poster artwork is an illustration showcasing two horses: a black and white horse that represents the past and gradually leads to a horse in color that represents the present in 2015.

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